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Riseborough Dawn

We woke up to a heavy frost and the promise of mist on low ground, so the much needed lie in went straight out of the window. We were going to have to work fast as the sun was going to burn through the mist quickly, so we drove up onto Riseborough bridge and caught the sun just rising through the mist over the Vale of Pickering, beautiful! After that we headed over Riseborough hill and down towards Normanby Grange where we continued to get the sun glowing through the mist giving some interesting silhouettes.

After Riseborough, we had a look at the bridge over the River Seven at Great Barugh, but were a little disappointed by the scruffy look to the scene, but Janet did manage to capture this interesting cobweb. After Great Barugh, we tracked back to Riseborough and were treated to some lovely warm winter light on the trees and mist with a beautiful view over the vale towards Wrelton.

By this time the sun was up and the glare was too harsh, so we headed home for a coffee and a warm up and a chance to review our morning’s work.



As the autumn colour gradually increases along with the chances of getting mist in the valleys, I set my mind to thinking of a good location for capturing autumn colour. I’d tried both Newtondale from New Bridge and also further north at Levisham, but neither location had started to turn yet. I’d been to the lake at Dalby the previous week to shoot the dawn light and noticed that the trees were turning nicely there, so I decided to take a trip to the Bridestones to see if I could get both autumn colour and mist in the valley.


I got up before dawn on what looked like a most un-promising dull, foggy morning in the hope that I would get above the fog higher up past Dalby. As I made my way through the forest drive, the fog persisted, but I pressed on and hiked up to the Bridestones. I spent an industrious hour shooting dew on the cobwebs and berries whilst I waited for the light to come. As the sun rose higher in the sky the light improved, so I tried a shot of the Bridestones with a bracken fern in the foreground, then eventually I spotted the first signs of blue sky above me, so I changed my location to shoot the clearing mist in the valley.


As the sun rose even higher, the light started to illuminate the bushes in the foreground and the light turned beautifully warm on the surrounding area, giving me the type of scene I was looking for.


Wolds Autumn Shoot

A couple of weeks ago saw us return to the Wolds to try and capture some autumn colour. We intentionally arrived well after sunrise to allow time for the light to get into the deep valley, but when we arrived onsite the dale was covered in a thick blanket of cloud, which meant we spent a cold couple of hours pacing around waiting for the fog to lift.

By the time the fog lifted, the sun had moved too far round for the shot I had in mind, so I had to revise my plans and move to another vantage point and shoot with the light. In the end we came away with some misty atmospheric shots plus a few reasonable “stock” type shots, so all in all a worthwhile mornings work.