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Holy Island Workshop

We’d like to thank David, Denise, Andrew and Wendy for being such great company on our Holy Isle photo workshop last weekend, we certainly had a good time and look forward to doing it again later in the year. The weather did try to conspire against us, but fortunately we managed to juggle the classroom time when the weather was less than favourable, so it proved to be a very productive weekend.
Thanks also to our host Andrew for the hospitality and the base to work from. Having a classroom to work from meant that we were able to cater for a range of participants needs and provided a great chance to socialise on an evening plus an opportunity to review everyone’s work on the last morning.


Holy Island revisited……

Last weekend saw us making a pilgrimage to Holy Isle chasing that elusive sunset. We’ve been on Holy Isle 5 times in recent years and never yet seen a good sunset, but fortunately the sunrise Saturday morning really made up for it. The sky looked great an hour before sunrise, then all the colour drained out of it, leaving us standing around talking and contemplating an early breakfast, when the sky suddenly lit up in purple bands and had us all diving for our cameras again!

Saturday evening’s sunset promised a lot then failed to colour up, but as always we kept an open mind and managed to make something entirely different out of it.

Kevin really getting into his landscape photography.

Scarlet Sunrise

Trying out the 'Big Stopper'






Holy Island Sunrise

Busy times 2………

Our first sunrise!

The Priory with all the Viking tents.

We have just come back from a long weekend on Holy Isle, where I kept up my un-broken record of 100% cloud cover on an evening! In 4 trips so far, I’ve not yet seen a sunset on the Island. Fortunately the dawns were both interesting and productive.

It was a very surreal weekend, the place was swarming with Viking re-enactors!

We stayed in the Ship Inn (We can highly recommend it) and the evenings got quite lively with all the Vikings about. Not what you want when you want to get up at 5.00am! enjoyed it though, it was different.