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Heather Heaven

August and the moors are looking glorious in their purple coat. The warm spring and summer has meant that the heather has come early this year and the heather is looking particularly bright and hopefully will last a while yet.


After the success of Janet’s “Heather at Sunset” on Egton moor, we were determined to produce some more good heather shots, so August has proved a particularly busy time for us, spending many a long day on the moors. An initial foray up onto Egton moor showed that Egton was proving slow to flower this year, but Rosedale and Danby more than made up for it. I spent several evenings and an early morning on Danby Rigg overlooking Little Fryup Dale whilst keeping an eye on Stone Bank above Rosedale. Stone bank offered up a nice set of images, but I got severely midged in the process.



With variable weather it is always a lottery choosing the right time to be up on the moors, but I managed to get a lovely afternoon at Northdale Rigg as well as a good set at the Rosedale millennium cross, one of which is destined to become a new card. But I was still on the lookout for an evening shot.



A look at the weather forecast convinced us that Tuesday morning would be good, so we set the alarm for early and went out before dawn on what proved to be a cold and much cloudier morning that expected, but it still gave us some nice shots. A quick look at the sky that evening convinced me that the cloud would persist, so I declined to go out, only for the sky to clear slightly and produce an unforgettable sunset! Such is the life of a landscape photographer………… I can see why Van Gough chopped his ear off!



Wednesday proved very cloudy and looked set to stay that way, but I kept an eye on the sky anyway. As the evening wore on the sky started to clear, so I shot up Rosedale Chimney bank and hiked over the moor to Ana Cross on what looked a most promising evening. As the sun sank in the sky a heavy bank of cloud descended on the horizon, spoiling the sunset, but not before I came away with another nice set of images and a good set of midge bites!

Late evening on Ana Cross, Rosedale moor

All in all it’s been a pleasure spending so much time on the moors, though it can be hard work and long hours, but it has been worth it as we now have a significant portfolio of heather shots so time well spent.

Heather Workshop on the Beautiful North York Moors

Exciting News!

The heather on the moors promises to be great this year, so we’ve teamed up with the Milburn Arms Hotel in Rosedale and they are offering a 2 night, mid-week break complete with photo tuition from Janet and myself. Contact the Milburn Arms to book and get full details. 01751-417386 or email

Photography Package Poster (1)


Shooting the Heather

Flushed with success from last year’s heather shots, as my Saltersgate and Janet’s lone tree on Egton moor shot were used as front covers and Janet’s shot went on to be published another 3 times. We were keen to produce some more heather photos this year, but changeable weather conditions, a short window of opportunity coupled with high winds conspired to make this quite difficult.

We took another trip onto the moors on Saturday and the weather was lovely, but the heather was already past it’s best and it was windy once again, so I stuck the ISO up to 1600 and pressed on as the sky was great and we were unlikely to get many more chances like this.

Skelton Tower

I’ve been finding these occasional and fleeting great photographic conditions we’re currently getting very frustrating. So sitting at home on an evening and seeing a great sunset briefly occur is very annoying, but being in the right placeat the right moment is proving very difficult. With this in mind I decided to give Skelton Tower a try.

It’s a lovely, if challenging location, but I really could do with a 10 foot stepladder in my gadget bag to get the tower and the valley in at the same time. I could also do to move the sun round a bit, but once on location I found it very picturesque and the light was great, so I spent a very happy couple of hours “working the scene”. I really must go back again in the snow

Busy times!

With the heather looking the best I’ve seen it in my lifetime, we were working hard on the moors during the first couple of weeks in August trying to capture it and do it justice.

Tried again last night as the heather is still fantastic and the smell was amazing, I can see why the bees go wild for it!!