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Sutton Bank Sunset

I’ve been trying for a few years to capture a winter sunset at Sutton Bank, but one of our early attempts a couple of years ago end when Janet slipped and broke her ankle. It was a sunset to die for, but I didn’t think she would have appreciated me going off for half an hour to capture it, while she laid in the mud in agony waiting for the ambulance!

I did manage to capture a reasonable sunset at Sutton Bank early last November, but I wanted to see if I could do any better, so I decided to try again last Friday. The sky didn’t look too promising when I arrived and it was generally quite dull, but the sky did colour up beautifully just on sunset.

It’s one thing going with a particular image in mind, but you have to keep your mind open to other possibilities and in the end I came home with an interesting, but totally different image to any I had imaged.

Sutton Bank

I spent most of last Friday looking out of the window at the great light and thinking I should have been out there in the landscape rather than in the office, so come late afternoon I headed to Sutton bank for the sunset. The sky was a little hazier than I would have liked and as the sun sank behind the clouds the warm light on the land decreased, but it never ceases to amaze me how much light a camera can suck out of a low light situation.

Sunset Glow, Sutton Bank

Well, the Sutton Bank exhibition has finished (I refrain from saying “at last”!) and we had a great time and met some lovely people. As always we were well looked after by the staff at Sutton Bank. The new exhibition room worked really well, it is a great space with views of the trees and looks out towards the top of the bank.

Thanks to all who came to see the exhibition and talked to us during the time we were there. Hopefully see you again next year.

Now for a plug – we are opening again at The Gallery in Guisborough on the 4th June (until 27th August) and we are also at the Back O The Shop Gallery in Terrington from the 29th July until the 27th August.

Sutton Bank

3 weeks after Janet’s unfortunate mishap, I decided to give Sutton Bank another go at sunset, but whilst the light was OK, the sky proved very disappointing, so this shot will have to be filed under “work in progress”