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A Baa-rilliant Day On The Moors

Tuesday was due to be snowy, so I set the alarm for early and headed down the lane near home to a location I’d had in mind for a while. As the light came up it all looked promising, but just before sunrise, a snow squall blew in and obscured the colour in the sky, so I headed home for a coffee and a warm up, then loaded the car for a day out on the moors.



Despite all the dire warnings on the news, the Whitby moor road proved to be clear apart from a little slush, so we pressed on towards Goathland in the hope of getting onto Egton moor. As it turned out the council had done a great job ploughing the back roads and we made it up to the crossroads above Grosmont without any problems. Understandably the Egton moor road hadn’t been ploughed, so I was faced with walking the last half mile to the famous lone tree. It was fascinating to see such a large area of pristine snow untouched by human, but absolutely covered in bird and animal tracks. As I reached the tree, the snow wasn’t quite deep enough to fully cover the heather, so I wasn’t able to produce the pure white image I had in mind. Two disappointments before 9 o’clock, this was proving to be a difficult day!


After Egton moor, we backtracked towards Goathland and suddenly spotted some sheep on a bank near Two Howes moor. Janet had the camera on her lap ready to go and as we jumped out of the car the heavens opened and a blizzard started to fall horizontally. At first only a few sheep came to see us, then more, then loads more, until we must have had nearly a hundred. I crouched in the lee of the car to shelter as the sheep lined up on the bank, whilst Janet headed into the group like the pied piper of Goathland. As she walked away they all followed, then she turned back towards the car and they all followed her back again, what an amazing sight! They were obviously hoping she would feed them. We left this scene smiling and hopeful we’d some good shots in the bag, but with all the milling about by the sheep, who knows what we might have got. As it turned out, we’ve come away with a set of good images.

700-2-10642-J M


After Goathland, we headed for Egton Bridge in the hope of getting to Danby, but met some ice on a sheltered hill so failed to get up the slope towards Limber Hill. A quick detour back to Egton Bridge and we stopped for a nice lunch at the Blacksmith’s Arms in Egton Bridge, where a cheery landlord served us a huge beef sandwich, lovely!

Suitably refreshed we headed for Lealholm on dry roads and little snow! A quick look up Fryupdale, soon showed we wouldn’t be going up on to Danby Rigg as that hill hadn’t been ploughed, so we backtracked again and ended up at Fat Betty to marvel at the wind sculpted snow drifts.


Then on down to Bell End where the light on Hill Plantation was great so we stopped for another shoot only for the sky to cloud over with another squall just on sunset.


A grand day out with mixed results, but now we’ve had a chance to review our images it certainly looks like having been a productive one with a whole flock of sheep images that we are really pleased with and quite a bit stock as well.

More snow …..

Saturday morning looked promising, so we headed out to Hovingham to capture a shot I’ve had in mind for several years of the bridge on estate land. Janet managed to capture this lovely shot of a lone tree with the inky black stream leading towards it, whilst I’ll have to come back in rougher conditions to capture the shot I’m after!

After the success of the Dalby shoot on Tuesday, we decided to return and see if we could improve on what is already a great shot by Janet. The continued cold weather meant that the lake had frozen over giving this amazing shape to the ice and left very little space for the ducks to swim in!

Photography Monthly Winter Landscape Cometition

The results are in, and we are proud to reveal that Janet has won the “Photography Monthly” Winter Landscape competition, winning £600 worth of landscape photography gear.
The editor commented, “With nearly 300 entries, finding a winner was quite difficult, but judges were united in their praise for the creativity and technical excellence of Janet’s image.
Janet said “The photograph was taken on 4 December last year when we had lots of snow. It was taken a mile from home, as travelling was an issue in the snow. Some of my favourite conditions for taking photographs are the more adverse weather conditions we get in the winter months.
“The sheep came running towards me when I arrived at this spot, thinking I was going to feed them, no doubt. I was able to get a couple of shots off before they lost interest and wandered off. I loved the way the sheep stood out on the snow and the background fades out into the mist.”Winter Woollies