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Sandsend non Sunset!

Saturday saw us having a hard day framing pictures, so when the weather cleared up late afternoon, we decided to head for the coast to try and capture the sunset. We arrived at Sandsend just as the sun was dropping behind the hills, so the light on the land looked as dull as dishwater. We adjourned for a quick bar meal in the Hart (Recommended) then as we hit the beach and hour before sunset the light looked great and promised a good sunset. As it turned out the sunset faded and the afterglow failed to materialise. However the moral of the story is never ever give up until the sun has set and the afterglow has had a chance to come, you really don’t want to see a great sunset in your rearview mirror!

Dawn at Sandsend 17-10-10

Dawn at Sandsend

We all like a lie in on a Sunday, so with the sun rising at a leisurely 7.30, we were able to lie in until 5.30………..

After a couple of weeks of overcast skies (Always the enemy of a landscape photographer), the weather forecast predicted clear skies at dawn on Sunday morning, so we headed for Sandsend and were greeted with another great sunrise spectacle.